Food Justice: Who is responsible?
Monday, March 20 / 6:30-9:30 PM

Please join us for a potluck dinner and presentations about food justice in our society, followed by informal discussions with members of our community.

No one should have to go hungry–especially those who labour to feed humanity.

Whether or not we have personally experienced hunger, all of us at coFood have stories to share about witnessing food injustice in the world. We know there is more to the story than the intersections between hunger and poverty, and that the question “Who is responsible?” too often goes unanswered. We understand that food injustice affects everyone, even those who don’t see it firsthand and those who choose not to.

We at coFood are endeavouring to educate ourselves and our peers by learning from folks with experience and insight to share. We choose to take responsibility by inquiring into food justice, to do the work of organizing and empowering ourselves, and to build relationships with food communities around us. By working co-operatively, we aim to resist the oppression of economic and political systems that perpetuate food injustice.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether or not you can contribute food or a donation. Please let us know if you will bring a dish to share, a $20 donation, or just your appetite!


Raagini Appadurai / Check Your Head 

Zsuzsi Fodor / Vancouver Food Policy Council / Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Elise  Barber / Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks