#foodsupply / Monday, February 6 / 6:30-9:30 PM
Where does it come from?
Join us for dinner and presentations about Vancouver’s food supply, followed by a group discussion.

Wondering about where your food comes from? Many complex systems converge to provide Vancouver’s food supply, and together we’ll take a look at the journeys food takes to get to our plates.

Please join us for a vegan zero-waste dinner, from Ethical Catering by Lupii Café. Your attendance supports good food initiatives in our community.

Our presenters will share their real-world knowledge of where Vancouver’s food comes from. We’ll put our heads together for a group discussion, and a chance to get to know your neighbours over dinner.

Chinese Canadian contributions to Vancouver’s foodscape: past to present
Kevin Huang discusses how early Chinese Canadians produced up to 90% of Vancouver’s fresh produce. Learn about what has happened since then.

Kevin is Executive Director of the Hua Foundation, and spends his time exploring the intersectionality between food, culture, and identity.

Adaptive environments
Nicholas Waissbluth envisions the future of urban food supply in Vancouver.

Nicholas is Principal of W/A Office, CoFounder of uA.bureau, and an Adjunct Professor at UBC School of Architecture.

beyond the business card

In the spirit of getting to know one another, we’ll go beyond the business card by sharing everyone’s contact information after the event. We hope this will allow more freedom for people to explore genuine connections in the time we have together at coFood events, and beyond.

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