Who owns this property?

  • The coFood Collaborative Garden is made up of two privately owned lots.
  • The garden is not City of Vancouver property. 

Who manages the garden?

  • The garden is managed by coFood Vancouver and several volunteers.
  • coFood Vancouver is a project of Living Systems Network (LSN), a Member Funded Society.

Who pays the costs? 

  • The costs are paid through donations to the LSN Society by its members.
  • Costs include: Property taxes, garden equipment and tools, soil, seeds, and plants.
  • We also accept donations towards the maintenance of the garden by PayPal.

Can anyone visit the garden?

  • Anyone is welcome to spend time in the garden, as long as posted guidelines are respected.
  • Please read the signs at garden entrances, with our posted guidelines.
  • Children, and youth under 15, must be supervised by an adult.

When is the garden open?

  • The garden is open any time when not reserved by coFood for work parties or closed events.
  • Please see signs posted for times, which may change.
  • Quiet hours are between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. but loud activities that disturb others are not acceptable at any time. 

When is it closed? 

  • The garden is closed when the yellow caution tape is up at the entrances.
  • At these times coFood reserves the garden for its activities, (e.g. work parties and closed events).

What activities are encouraged?

  • We encourage quiet activities like reading, working, conversations with one or two friends.
  • Events with fewer than 10 people may be permitted with prior approval
  • All activities should respect current COVID Guidelines (posted on garden signage)

What activities are discouraged? 

  • Noisy activities that disrupt others’ quiet enjoyment of the garden
  • Harvesting food crops or flowers without permission.
  • Pets off-leash, and pets doing their business in and around the garden. Pet waste isn’t compost, and can be toxic to plants and people.
  • Spending time in the garden alone after dark
  • See signs posted for more details

Is it possible to book the garden for an event?

  • We accept requests for exclusive use of the garden for private events
  • Requests can be made well in advance, by email to hello@cofoodvancouver.com

How can I contribute to help maintain the space?